Thursday, 24 November 2016

Treaty of Waitangi

Treaty of Waitangi

I found interesting is that  the Aborigines got there children taken away from there Mather and father.
I found interesting is that  the Maori got 34.5 million acres of land and 170 million dollars.

Why did they get that much land and money.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Te Reo, Term 4 2016.

This term we have been learning all about the Marea. We have learned that…….

  • The Marae is an important focal point for the community.
  • The Marae is a place where tradition and customs can be carried out.
  • The Marea is a place where people can express their values with dignity.
  • There are many kawa ( protocols) that prevail on the mar.
  • Marea kawa (protocols) can differ between mareas and iwi.

We have focused on some key concepts when doing this learning.
These are listed and explained in the table below.

Definition -
give the meaning of these concepts in your own words.
It has a wide range of of meanings like culture, custom, ethic.
Welcoming on a Marae.
Tangata whenua
describe the Maori people 
Visiters at the Marea.
the area that is a person's home.
relationship, kinship, sense of family connection
loosely translates to hospitality.
love; affection

See this video for an explanation of the roles and responsibilities of people on a marae.

Something I would like to learn more about the marea is……...
I would like to go on a Marea.

Thursday, 27 October 2016



This term we have been learning about Parliament. We have looked at the difference between government and parliament, NZ parliament, who is in government, how our government works and we compared democracy to dictatorship.

Three things that I learned are NZ parliament are:

  • John Key sits on the fourth set on the right side of the speaker.
  • David Carter is the speaker of the house.
  • The opposition leader is Andrew Little.

Here is the link to my compare and contrast map explaining the difference between democracy and dictatorship.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

I can take action to improve the water cycle in Canterbury

In this project I was working with Yejoon and we decided to create… a water filter.

Here is a link what we made.
taking action
In this project we decided that our success criteria were:
A good TV ad, water filter or Children’s Story needs...
Why is this important?
Needs to clean the water.
Because that is what a water filter does and if it doesn’t produce clean water people can get sick.
Needs materials.
Without the materials you can’t make anything.
Needs to be strong.
Because you could just drop it and it would break.
Needs to be quite small/must be easy to transport
If you can’t move the water filter  around in small places. It means you have to go to the water filter and use it.
Has to last long.
So you can use it over and over and it makes the water clean every time.

Overall our project met/do not meet this criteria because we created a drinker bill water but it was green

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Apply the techniques of improvisation to a range of different scenarios.

WALT apply the techniques of improvisation to a range of different scenarios.

improvisation TECHNIQUES that I have used successfully are,........... To always say yes, pitcher Frame.

Improvisation TECHNIQUES that I would like to have more practice at…… To Once a pone a time.

The thing that I enjoyed most about this unit of learning was………….. learning different stuff because…………... I can use it in the future.

The thing that I found most challenging during this unit of learning was……... to act out the stuff because………it was at of my comfit zone.

My favorite improvisation game was……... pitcher frame because…….. it was fun and it was easy.

My next step/ something I need to work on further  in improvisation is…….
to get better because…...I'm really bad at drama

Friday, 16 September 2016

Koru games

The activity I did was volleyball.

Two highlights were:

  1. Coming third because you got a medal.
  2.   Food because there were food and drinks.

I'm proud of coming third because I got a medal.

Some advice on Koru games is that to have fun and have a good time.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

care progress so far this term

CARE: My progress so far

The CARE award that I am working towards is:  Bronze

The one area of CARE that I am doing best in is: Community      because: I have highlighted more of.

The one area of CARE that I need to work harder in is:   Excellence            because: I have highlighted lest of.

To show my leadership qualities I am a role model to others in the CARE values by doing/showing these leadership traits: Integrity because when I ref I need to be honest and not take sides.

On the CARE SOLO matrix below I am at this SOLO level: Relational            because: I can show the care values independently.





Extended Abstract
I am not aware of the CARE values yet.
I know what the CARE values mean.

I need help to use them.
I can use the CARE values.

I need reminding to use them.
I can use the CARE values independently.
I can use the CARE values independently.

I can role model to others how to use the CARE values.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.04.56 am.pngI can apply my knowledge of adverbial clauses and connectives to see how ideas are linked in texts.

For reading I have been learning about adverbial clauses. I have found this learning… hard because I didn't know anything about adverbial clauses. because… I haven't learnt it before.

In this activity adverbial clauses, I had to... Highlight parts of a sentence what was the adverbial clauses.

I can recognise and understand a variety of grammaties constructions and some rhetorical patterns

I can recognise and understand a variety of grammatical constructions and some rhetorical patterns

In this unit I have been learning about:
  • The parts of speech
  • The types of nouns.
  • The types of sentences.

In this unit, I found challenging…
Because it was hard to research it, and get some examples of google.

Something new I learnt was…
That Conjunctions are linking worlds from a sentence to a sentence.

Scott M and Hussain 0-20 in manderen

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Information report writing

The water cycle

The water cycle is a process what the water goes through between lands, sea, and the atmosphere. The water is recycled throughout the process. The water changers state into a gas, solid, and liquid, the water can change state in any order. The steps of the water cycle is: Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, and Ground water/Runoff.


Evaporation is when the sun heats up the water from the oceans, rivers, and lakes or streams. Then the water turns into a gas. On colder  days the water vapor doesn't turn into a gas. Water vapor in the air is cold humidity, in some places there is a higher rate of humidity. After the water turns into a gas in floats up to the atmosphere which tuns into clouds.(Condensation)


All air contains water molecules in forms of water vapor. Water vapor is invisible because the changers of state all of the time. Water vapor/gas condenses back into a liquid, water, and ice which is manly seen as clouds. Precipitation is a ''exit ramp'' back to the super highway in atmosphere, what is moving water vapor to different clouds in the glob. Once the gas turns into a cloud, then tiny droplets form. Then in rains down onto the hills and landscapes, then in runs off into streams and rivers.

Run off/Ground water

The Ground water exists on some degree know mater where you are on earth. The deeper down you go the more dense the rocks are because their is more waste deeper in the ground from all of the rain socking into the ground. Run off is when some of the rain water runs down the hills into streams and rivers.


The main idea about the water cycle is that the cycle never ends, it just keeps on going.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

In Maths we have been learning to use a range of multiplicative strategies when operating with whole numbers.

The strategies we have been learning are:

- Estimate the reasonableness of large problems like 1 788 – 891. Could 497 be right?
- Use multiplication to solve addition and subtraction problems eg.
  64 – 48 = as (8 x 8) – (6 x 8) = 2 x 8= 16
- Use doubling / halving, trebling/ thirding and adjusting to solve multiplication problems,
 eg.  12 x 50 solved as 4 x 150= 600
- Use an algorithm to solve multiplication problems.
- Solve problems using simple cube numbers .
- Use an algorithm to solve division problems.
- Use standard written form of addition.

Here is a link to my Multiplicative Strategies Assessment which shows that I know why and how I use particular strategies. This doc also has screenshots to show which IXL activities I have completed as part of my learning. Multiplicative strategies Assessment

My next step in my Maths Learning is……I understand addition and subtraction of fractions, decimals, and integers Number.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

WALT: I can recognize and understand the features and structures of a wide variety of text types and forms.

WALT: I can recognize and understand the features and structures of a wide variety of text types and forms.

The text types that we studied were:
Stories/ narratives.

Each text type has different structures and features because: All of the texts were different and they were written by different people, and different people would have different ideas.

Two text types that I have enjoyed learning about are        Features of websites          and       Articles.


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My CARE Progress.

I have done a check of my CARE progress so far this year.

I am proud of my progress/ I am doing ok / I feel I could do much better.
(Highlight the one that applies to you and delete the ones that don’t)

Give reasons for the answer that you have highlighted above,

How far away are you from reaching your BRONZE/SILVER?

The area of CARE that I need to try harder in C / A / R / E , because I have the least ticks then the most of the other ones. ( Highlight the ones that apply to you and give reasons why you have highlighted them.)

To achieve my BRONZE/SILVER award quicker I need to………. Log my ticks faster so I don't forget what ticks I got.

The one thing that I can do to improve my progress in CARE is………. To get more ticks so I can get my bronze faster.

We will review CARE progress again at the end of the term.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Student Led Conference Reflection

The things I enjoyed most about my S.L.C were:
I enjoyed shearing my A writing test because  I was above standard and my parents were very happy with me.

What went well and why?
My slides went really well because not much stuff went badly in my S.L.C.

What were the challenges you faced when preparing and presenting your S.L.C?
A challenge was to speak clearly so they don't ask heaps of questions.

What changes would you make for next time and why?
Next time I would Write more detail so I know what to say faster. So I can have more time to shear my learning.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Visual Art

Visual Art: WALT: Apply knowledge about shapes and patterns derived from nature into an original artwork

For Visual Art the SOLO level I achieved was: Extended abstract, because I used all of the techniques eg water colors, glazing and shading.
I techniques I used in my art work to achieve this level were:
water colors, glazing and shading.

Here is a photo of my artwork:

My next step in visual art is: Is to get better at moving water colors and do a better job.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Maths Probability

Walt- Investigate situations that involve  elements of chance/probability.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

exposition summery

Overall I think that Richie Macaw is the better leader because he lead his team to back to back world cup titles in 2011/2015/the world cup is every four years. That is way I think Richie Mccaw is a better leader then Brendan Mccullum.

Term 1 Integrated Learning - Leadership

We have been learning all about What makes a good leader.

We identified that good leaders show 6 main character traits. These are……. Integrity, Goal Focused, Trustworthy, Active Thinker, Resilient and Motivation.

The leadership trait that I think I show the most is…  Goal Focused because… I have focused on my learning and I don't give up and I get my work done.

The leadership trait I would most like to develop is… Motivation because… I don't really motivate other people in the classroom much.

Something NEW I have learned about leadership is… I have learnt that anyone can be a leader/ there are different types of leaders.

The SOLO level that I reached during this unit of learning is… connecting ideas because... I can compare and contrast the traits of different leaders.
(see slide 2 of the leadership modelling book for this)

My next step in learning about leadership is to apply everything that I have learned about leadership to my own leadership roles.


I can describe the characteristics of music from songs of a different time and place

Over the past 7 weeks I have been learning to describe the characteristics of music from songs of a different time and place

I can describe these characteristics in a piece of music… (list them below and explain what they are)

  • Form, 
  • Timbre, 
  • Melody, 
  • Harmony, 
  • Rhythm, 

Here is an example of my learning (add link)

My Argument

For writing we have been learning to write an argument using the writing process. The topic was “Are Devices Taking Over Our Lives”.

Something I did really well in my writing was… That I tried to persuade you in my writing that devices aren't taking over our lives.

Here is a section of my writing that shows this.
I.X.L maths can help you in your learning because it has games and challenges all about maths.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

WALT into the blog post header

Year ⅞ -  I can use appropriate skills and technologies to find and use a range of texts for specific purposes.

For my “Evaluating Leaders” research I have been researching about… Brendan McCullum and Richie Macaw

During this unit I have had to use a range of strategies to find the information I needed on Google. This include: Reference, cross check

I have achieved this goal because… I cross checked all of my leader strengths.

My next step is to set a new reading goal. is to get more info.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Striking and Fielding Reflection

WALT: Apply Striking and Fielding activities in a range of sports and activities.

My Strengths

The striking strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were……. To hit the ball fair and catching the ball correctly by cupping my hands and doing the revues cup.

The throwing and catching strategies I was able to effectively demonstrate during the games we played were……. To catch the ball in a revues cup and a cup hands together.

My Next Steps

To improve my striking of a ball I need to… To hit the ball with more power because... If you don't have enaf power the ball want go how far you want the ball to go.

To Improve my catching and fielding I need to... cup my hands at the right time because...

If you don't cup your hands the ball will came out of your hands.

The game that I enjoyed the most was… That all of the team got a go and that everyone had fun. because… The game wouldn't have fun.