Thursday, 30 October 2014


What: we have just completed in the kauri athletics. 

So what: 
I was disappointed in long d...because I was in 2rd and someone came along and bopped me into 8th position and I came 6th place. 
I was really surprised in shot put because I was in 2rd for a small time. 
was proud of my effort in high jump because I tried my best and didn't give up.
The most challenging thing was sprints because I slipped at the start of the 50 meter sprint in my het, I recovered and I got first in my het and I got 5th in the finals. In the finals I raced thomas, scott b, Jacob m and so on 

Now what: next time I would do my best at everything. 

Friday, 17 October 2014

Lifelong learners

What: to show that learning never stops we have identified what we learnt in the holidays. 

So what: this is my stop, drop and write writing. In the holidays I ran quarry hill and It was hard. So I same tips if you are interested :
Tip 1: jog at the start because if you sprint you waste your energy and get tired quickly. 
Tip 2: ran throw the sheep paddock, you don't stand in sheep poo. 
Tip 2: do not stand to close to a sheep with two black lambs, because the mama sometimes charges at you. 
And that is it of this today, catch you later.