Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Monday, 29 June 2015

Licenses you can earn in room 26

                                                     Licenses you can earn in room 26 
This is the learner licenses that you can earn. Teacher, Regulated, Independent and mobile learner licenses.

Maths-Measurement work

Maths measurement work
In maths I'm learning to work out the perimeter and area of a shape.
Perimeter is to measure the outside of the shape and calculate the outside to get the right answer(only add +).
Area is when you times the inside of the shape and you break it into small rectangles. You only calculate the inside of the shape to get the right answer(only times x).

Reading-One weeks worth of work

Reading one weeks worth
Text name is... The Eighth wonder of the world.
We used a prediction sheet that we predict what the story is going to be about... because, this is what I wrote down. About a girl how looks for fossils and she sells then at a shop.

Friday, 12 June 2015


                                            How To Be A Better Goalkeeper

I'm in a group with Jack H, Alex and Scott

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


This is my reading from last week


                                             Career (Rugby Player)   Writing

For the past few weeks room 26 have been writing about a career that we want to do when we are older. I want to become a rugby player when i grow up and hopefully i can play for the All Blacks or the Crusaders when i'm older.



This is my measurement math goals for term 2/3.

1: Trip find length.
2: Simple angles.
3: Rates of change.
4: Fractions to show Des.
5: Area of ing shapes.

This is m




Te Reo weather forcast sheet

                                                   Te Reo weather sheet
                                                    this is a weather forcast sheet that i need to do
                                                     it and record it on here is the post below.