Wednesday, 3 December 2014


What have you
enjoyed most 
About your year
In room 10?      Learning new fitness games for the next two years.
                                  ( rockets and intercepts, no netball, stingers in the hall )

What learning area have 
You enjoyed and why?         Maths, because we do hard questions and tricky     

What learning area do 
You feel like you have Improved 
the most in and why?                        Maths because at the start of the year I took  
                                        Away I'll to get the amassers now I can get the amassers 
                                                                      Strut away. 

What extra learning 
Opportunity have you
Enjoyed the most and why?       Science because I want to do a lot more science 

What do you what
To improved on 
Or focus on next year?         Writing because I need a bit more ideas.