Wednesday, 13 April 2016

exposition summery

Overall I think that Richie Macaw is the better leader because he lead his team to back to back world cup titles in 2011/2015/the world cup is every four years. That is way I think Richie Mccaw is a better leader then Brendan Mccullum.

Term 1 Integrated Learning - Leadership

We have been learning all about What makes a good leader.

We identified that good leaders show 6 main character traits. These are……. Integrity, Goal Focused, Trustworthy, Active Thinker, Resilient and Motivation.

The leadership trait that I think I show the most is…  Goal Focused because… I have focused on my learning and I don't give up and I get my work done.

The leadership trait I would most like to develop is… Motivation because… I don't really motivate other people in the classroom much.

Something NEW I have learned about leadership is… I have learnt that anyone can be a leader/ there are different types of leaders.

The SOLO level that I reached during this unit of learning is… connecting ideas because... I can compare and contrast the traits of different leaders.
(see slide 2 of the leadership modelling book for this)

My next step in learning about leadership is to apply everything that I have learned about leadership to my own leadership roles.


I can describe the characteristics of music from songs of a different time and place

Over the past 7 weeks I have been learning to describe the characteristics of music from songs of a different time and place

I can describe these characteristics in a piece of music… (list them below and explain what they are)

  • Form, 
  • Timbre, 
  • Melody, 
  • Harmony, 
  • Rhythm, 

Here is an example of my learning (add link)

My Argument

For writing we have been learning to write an argument using the writing process. The topic was “Are Devices Taking Over Our Lives”.

Something I did really well in my writing was… That I tried to persuade you in my writing that devices aren't taking over our lives.

Here is a section of my writing that shows this.
I.X.L maths can help you in your learning because it has games and challenges all about maths.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

WALT into the blog post header

Year ⅞ -  I can use appropriate skills and technologies to find and use a range of texts for specific purposes.

For my “Evaluating Leaders” research I have been researching about… Brendan McCullum and Richie Macaw

During this unit I have had to use a range of strategies to find the information I needed on Google. This include: Reference, cross check

I have achieved this goal because… I cross checked all of my leader strengths.

My next step is to set a new reading goal. is to get more info.